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Draft Minutes of Committee Meeting 21 Jan 2019
Minutes of Committee Meeting 19 Nov 2018
Minutes of Committee Meeting 10 Sept 2018
Minutes of Committee Meeting 9th July 2018
Minutes of Committee Meeting 14th May 2018
Minutes of Committee Meeting 12th Mar 2018
Minutes of Committee Meeting 8th Jan 2018

Draft Minutes of AGM 29 October 2018
Minutes of AGM 30 October 2017
Minutes of the SGM 22nd August 2016
Minutes of AGM November 7th 2016
Minutes of AGM 29th October 2015
Minutes of AGM 23rd October 2014


There are occasions, particularly during the winter months, when it may be necessary to cancel a club night at short notice. To avoid making an unnecessary journey please check your email, or if you do not have email, contact the Committee Member who has primary responsibility for that evening :
• Monday: John Whiteside 01291 408617
• Wednesday: Sue Blake 01291 624233
• Thursday: John Mayo 01594 530553
If you are unable to contact the above, contact any of the Committee Members.
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Good Behaviour at the Bridge Table
The Committee has looked at some guidelines about courteous and friendly behaviour at the Bridge Table and we would like to fully endorse the following, which was originally on the EBU website;

• Greet others in a friendly manner prior to the start of play on each round.
• Be a good ‘host’ or ‘guest’ at the table.
• Make bridge enjoyable for yourself, partner and opponents.
• Give credit when opponents make a good play or bid.
• Enjoy the company as well as the game.

Remember that it is rude to criticise your partner or opponents in public, to be less than polite at the table, to gloat over good results, or object to a call for the tournament director, to dispute or argue about a director’s ruling, or generally to make any personal or disparaging remarks.

My observation is that there is a really good level of friendly behaviour in our Club, but we should all aspire to the very highest standard, of course.

Sheila Montgomery (Chairperson)

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Presented by Graham Eele
A Pairs event with Teams style scoring
Monday January 28
All Club Members are encouraged to play
Teams style scoring
There will be prizes for the top students and the top pair with a handicap of 1 or under.
For more information please contact Ray Mardon on
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An Attendance Sheet recording the arrival of the members at the AGM recorded the attendance of thirty-nine members.

1. Apologies for Absence – Six apologies had been received by the Secretary prior to the meeting and a further seven were received at the meeting.

John Mayo (JM) opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the AGM. He then asked the meeting for a show of hands to approve the Minutes of the 2017 AGM. Peter Smith (PS) raised a point regarding his request point 12.ii) of those Minutes requesting Club Minutes to be placed on the Notice Board. JM informed the meeting that the Minutes were promptly placed on the Club’s website following Committee Meeting, but he would pass the issue to Sheila Montgomery (SM) to raise at a future Committee Meeting. JM asked for a Proposer (Marjorie Evans), and a Seconder (Doreen Griffiths). JM asked for a show of hands and the majority voted in favour of acceptance.

2. Chairman’s Report – JM stated that the Treasurer’s Report that was to follow would cover many of the significant facts concerning the club during the past year, which in fact has been a relatively ‘quiet’ year.

Concerning competitions, The Club convincingly beaten by the Monmouth Club when we played our annual match against them, but all who took part enjoyed it none the less. This year there were joint winners of the Claret Cup, Christine Brierley and Peter Cole (who always do well in the competition) and Greg Howell and Richard Stevenson.

This year’s charity function had been an enjoyable evening and we sent £370.00 to St David’s Hospice in memory of Doreen Worrell who had been a longstanding and well respected member. Unfortunately the summer party this year had to be cancelled due to lack of interest.

JM stated that he would like to thank all the members for the support that he had received from them during his brief chairmanship, and whilst he did not want this to sound like an awards ceremony, he particularly wished to mention the past chairmen Brian, Brandon and Peter who have given him an immense amount of help and guidance, and finally he wished to mention Carolyne, who had worked tirelessly and efficiently on behalf of the club whist she had been secretary, and who had really been responsible for most of the organisation of the club during the last year.

3. Treasurers Report – John Whiteside (JW) apologised for not being at the AGM. He reported that number of people playing bridge this year has decreased considerably. Despite this, the Club increased its cash holdings by over £300, this was due largely to abolishing the prize money, and, by a modest increase of 50p in the table money in June. There are currently 89 members of the Club. Unfortunately, quite a few former members did not rejoin this year but more members were gained from from the beginners’ course.

The next year will be challenging, in November, the rent for the Palmer Centre will increase by about 50%. (There has been no increase for several years.) This would mean that the Club would need to have just over 4 tables a night to cover the cost of the rent. Although the Club averaged over 5 tables a night during the course of last year, some nights the numbers were lamentably small and as table money is our major source of income, it is important to keep up attendances.

Although cash-wise the Club had been moderately successful, the overall assets of the Club have decreased, this was mainly due to depreciation of the Duplimate and Bridgemates by about £900 in the year (this effect will decrease in the coming years, and is not an immediate cause for concern.)

Overall, considering the fall off in attendance, the finances are reasonably healthy. Hopefully, the increase in table money next year should largely cover the increase in rent, and we will endeavour to keep the table money to £2. However, if attendances drop off or there are other large expenses the table money will be reviewed and increased if necessary.

Finally, as the subscriptions have not gone up for a number of years, JW proposed that we increase the club subscriptions from £6 to £7.50 for next year or to £17.50 including the WBU subscription. This proposal was put to the membership and agreed by a large majority. In conclusion, JW wished to thank Hugh Green for once again auditing the annual accounts.

4. Master Points Proposal – SM explained that she felt that they would be a benefit to the Club, and would hopeful encourage more people to join and make the evenings more interesting for the Members. SM explained how Master Points worked and said that there would be no cost to the Club for the first 6 months and she explained that the software necessary to operate Masterpoints had been uploaded onto the Clubs system by Peter Taylor and was ready to start. She urged the members to give them a fair trail, and if members had any issues, or real problems with them to discuss it with her. Stewart Anderton asked how the success of the trial would be measured. The members were asked for a show of hands on running a trial and the mjaority of the membership were in favour (4 votes against). The trial will run upto the next AGM when it will be on the Agenda for review by the membership

5. Adoption of Accounts for 2017- 2018 – JM asked for Proposer (Christine Brierley) and a Seconder (Carole Colburn) – the Accounts were adopted following a large show of hands in favour. John Whiteside and Hugh Green were thanks for their hard work on behalf of the Club.

6. Appointment of Auditor – The Treasurer stated that Hugh Green had indicated that he was prepared to continue in the role. (Peter Taylor Proposed and Bridget Evans Seconded)

7. Election of Officers and Committee Members – the existing Committee Members seeking re-election having all been proposed and seconded were voted en bloc by the Membership. Sheila Montgomery was proposed for the position of Chairman by John Mayo and John Whiteside. Ray Mardon was proposed for the position of Club Secretary by Pat Walters and Brandon Walter. Christine Brierley was proposed to re-join the Committee by Sue Blake and Peter Taylor. All were elected unapposed.

8. Motions Received –

• One night play should start no earlier than 19.15hrs – this proposal was put forward by Greg Howell to enable working people to be able to attend the Club. The discussion that followed pointed out that there was only 1 working club member, and that the membership as a whole were not in favour of starting later in the evening. The voted by a large majority against this proposal.

• That the start time be amended to 18.30hrs to allow for a 30 minutes break in the middle of the evening. JM pointed out to the meeting that Doreen had been providing hot drinks during the Club evenings for many years, and that there was no reason that this should not continue with other people preparing the drinks as required. Members pointed out that if there was a half table, as often happened on a Wednesday evening, the half table would be sitting out for a unacceptable length of time . The members voted against this proposal.

9. Any Other Business

• Concerns were raised about the integration of new players from the classes into the Club on Wednesday evening this will be discussed by the Committee.
• JM thanks Sue Blake on behalf of the Club for her organisation of Wednesday Evening Bridge.

The Meeting Closed at 19.10hrs

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An Attendance Sheet recording the arrival of the members at the AGM recorded the attendance of forty-one members and a representative of the Social players present.

1. Apologies for Absence – Nine apologies had been received by the Secretary prior to the meeting and a further four were received at the meeting.

2. John Mayo (JM) opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the AGM. He stated the different people saw his position in the club differently and there was some debate as to whether he was currently – just a committee member, Deputy Chairman, Acting Chairman or Chairman. As the last Chairman had resigned someone has got to run the AGM. He stated his willingness to serve as Chairman, as long as the majority of the members were happy for him to do so. JM was therefore altering the order of the agenda so that the meeting could vote for or against him and the other committee members and so that the meeting could proceed with a committee that had the full backing of the members. If, however, they felt that he was the wrong person for the job he would happily stand down and let someone else try to sort things out. He stated that if the membership did vote for him as Chairman he would like to think that the membership would support the suggestions that he and rest of the committee put forward, otherwise it was a pointless exercise.

3. Chairman’s Report – JM stated that he would only deal with what had happened since he had been acting as Chairman. JM reported that the last year or so had been an unhappy time for the club away from the bridge tables. Marion had resigned from the role of treasurer, after many years of dedicated service. Peter Taylor, who had spent a considerable amount of time and effort trying to steer the Club through a very difficult period resigned the Chairmanship. On the Club’s behalf he wished to thank them both for their past service. Subsequently the remaining members of the committee have done their best to come up with a way forward and JM thought it fair to say that all the decisions reached were unanimous, or at the least, almost so, and that anything the Committee were proposing had the backing of them all. JM stated that it was impossible to please everyone all the time, but he hoped that the decisions taken that evening would be accepted by all the members so that we can all forget about “crossing the Ts and dotting the Is”, worrying about small print and concentrate on playing bridge in convivial company.

4. Election of Officers and Committee Members – JM informed the meeting that there would be one less member on the Committee this year as Ian Wood was standing down, and the Committee would revert to the numbers of members in place two years ago and as stated in the Club Rules. JM stated that all the Officers and Committee Members seeking re-election had been proposed and seconded by members of the club and that he would ask the meeting to elect each of the Officers, individually, followed by the re-election of the existing committee members and the election of the two new members. Following the individual votes, the Officers and members of the Committee were unanimously elected.

5. JM said that before the meeting moved on to the next item on the agenda he wished to mention that the Committee had received a proposition from Peter Smith (PS) that social players should pay £1.00 more table money than members. This subject had already been an ongoing topic at Committee meetings for some time. PS withdrew his proposition after the Committee included the differential in the Bye-Laws. However, it remained a controversial decision and JM asked for an informal show of hands to see what support there was for the differential – it would not be binding, but if the majority voted against the increase JM would ensure that it was brought up again at the next committee. JM asked for the show of hands, and a majority voted in favour of the change.

6. Minutes of the SGM 22nd August 2016 – PS stated that they were incomplete as both the proposals presented at the meeting were not attached to the MInutes. Peter Taylor (PT) stated that the complete document had been published on the Club’s website for over a year. The Chairman asked the meeting to vote on acceptance of the Minutes. There was a very substantial majority if favour of accepting the SGM Minutes.

7. Minutes of the AGM 7th November 2016 – PS stated that the amended Rules of the club were incorrect and they did not mention the Social Players. JM said that the Social Players were not members of the Club so were not governed by the Rules, but by the Bye-Laws which had been amended to include matters relating to Social Players. Marion Shewell (MS) asked why there had been a change to Point 8 In the Rules – general meeting of the Club from October or November to “on a date to be fixed by the committee”. Did this mean that the AGM would be moved to end of the year instead of the current period . JM responded that the AGM would take place within the current time frame and that it was not necessary to move it. MS did not agree. PS was not in agreement with the amended Rules and offered to review them again and present them at another meeting. JM stated that the Committee were very grateful for all the work that PS had done on the Rules over the last year or two, but, the members would be asked to vote on the document put before them at this AGM. The AGM Minutes were overwhelmingly accepted by the membership.

8. Matters Arising –
i) Social representative – JM invited Stewart Anderton (SA) a representative of the social players to address the meeting. SA explained that the social players were not a cohesive group, but individuals who were very dissatisfied with the behaviour and performance of the WBU , especially the problems caused to clubs in the region by their decision that all clubs had to be affiliated to WBU. The increase in table money was very disappointing. Some players would have been prepared to make a donation to the club, but were not prepared to pay funds to the WBU. SA did not feel that they were a drain on the club finances, but were contributing to the profits of the club.
ii) The updated Bye-Laws for the Conduct and Affairs of the Club were presented at the meeting, including the fact that there would be no requirement for members following their 90th birthday (who been continuous members for at least ten years) to pay an annual club subscription. Doreen Griffiths asked if that included WBU membership and this was confirmed. There was also a query regarding the number of times that Visitors could play at the club before being asked to become members. JM agreed that there was no particular logic to the number, that it had been in the Bye-Laws for some time, but that he felt this was a matter of discretion for the Committee. Bridget Evans suggested that the members should put their trust in the Committee to do what was necessary, and this was met with approval by the members.

9. Treasurers Report – John Whiteside (JW) thanked Marion for her hard work as Treasurer. He informed the meeting that he had opened a Bank Account with Barclays for the Club and this would mean that the account could be managed on-line, and that he would be able to write cheques for payments by the Club. He went on to say that attendance at Club evenings had dropped this year, and there had been occasions, particularly on a Wednesday evening when there had been as few as 3 tables. In the long term this would be unsustainable and JW will monitor the situation. JW also informed the meeting that he understood that The Palmer Centre were going to undertake a review of rental charges (this was confirmed by Marjorie Terrill) and whilst the rent charged to the Club was very reasonable, an increase instituted by The Palmer Centre would result in a review of the table money paid by members, and would probably result in an increase in table money. There was a suggestion from the floor, that prize money was abolished, and a show of hands following the suggestion resulted in a majority of members willing to abolish the table money. It was agreed that this suggestion would not be adopted at this stage, but the Committee would discuss the position at the next Committee meeting. JW then thanked Hugh Green for auditing the accounts for the Club and gave a brief overview of the figures, explaining about the depreciation of assets and confirming that the Clubs finances were in a healthy state. MS asked when the AGM would be moved to – JW responded that the AGM would be held within the normal timescale after the completion of the annual accounts. Marjorie Terrill proposed adoption of the accounts and Doreen Griffiths seconded

10. Appointment of Auditor – The Treasurer stated that Hugh Green had indicated that he was prepared to continue in the role. Sandra Gregory proposed and Alethea Tonner seconded that he should continue. This was overwhelmingly accepted.

11. Motions Received –

i) “A member shall be eligible to play in Club competitions provided that he/she has been a member for three months or longer” Proposer Peter Smith, Seconder Marion Shewell. PS explained that Clubs such as Newport and Bristol imposed this restriction to prevent new people joining their Club (whose ability was unknown to the Club) and then immediately entering competitions where there were large monetary prizes, and winning. The three month period gave the Clubs time to assess the players ability and impose handicaps as necessary. PS acknowledged that CABC was not holding competitions of that nature, and it would simply be putting the rule in place in case it was needed for the future. Brian Harden disagreed stating that is more important for the Club to be as flexible as possible to encourage new members to play. The motion was put to the vote and defeated there only being 9 members in favour.

ii) “that a vote be taken to decide whether or not to keep the dealing machine which is on sale of return”. Proposer Gail Jones, Seconder Helen Street. Gail firstly questioned whether the Committee had the authority of the members to purchase the Dealing Machine. PT referred back to the Minutes of the previous AGM and clarified that the Committee did have the authority to proceed with the purchase. Gail then went on to explain why she had proposed the motion, stating that she found the distribution of the hands very odd and that they were difficult to play, and that the Newport Bridge Club dealing machine did not deal such odd hands. Tony Waters also said that he found the hands awkward and not enjoyable to play. Richard Stevenson responded by stating that the deals were completely random and more distributional than hand dealt cards, which were generally very poorly dealt, and the hands coming out of the board was very similar when it had been dealt and put back in the board. Those dealt by the machine were random and that one would develop the ability to play these hands, with more practice, and this would lead to improved play and better competition. Graham Eele endorsed Richard’s comments on hands dealt by the machine saying that they were genuinely random – that you would get hands that would include extreme distribution , hands that got passed out and hands that were played at the one or two level. Greg Howell responded to Gail’s comments on the Newport dealing machine, explaining that they used exactly the same software and machine as the Club. Several members including BH and Pam Robinson(PR) expressed a preference for the Dealing Machine Hands, and PR suggested that if there was a demand there could be an occasional evening when they went back to hand dealing the cards. The motion was put to the vote 26 members voted in favour of keeping the machine and 7 against.

12. Any Other Business –

i) Greg and Richard said the Club would need to purchase another set of Boards if it was decided to have hand dealt cards as they needed to be kept separate from the Machine Dealt cards.
ii) PS requested that a copy of the Committee Meeting Minutes be placed on the Notice Board as well as the website and the agenda be circulated in advance of the meeting. JM agreed to discuss with committee.

13. AOB – BH thanked JM and JW for taking over their respective roles and stepping into the breach. JM also thanked Carolyne Ogden for all her work leading up to the AGM.

The meeting closed at 19.00hrs.
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1. The name of the club shall be “Chepstow Archway Bridge Club”.
2. The object of the club is to provide facilities for its members to play Bridge.
3.(a) The responsibility for the general day to day running of the club shall be vested in a
Committee consisting of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to five [5] other
(b) The Committee shall be elected at the annual general meeting in each year and,
subject to termination of office by resignation or otherwise, shall remain in office until their
successors are elected at the annual general meeting next following their election.
(c) The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy which may occur.
(d) The quorum at a meeting of the Committee shall be four.
(e) The retiring members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election.
4. The Chairman shall take the chair at all meetings of the club. In the event of the
votes in any motion being equal the Chairman shall be entitled to give a casting vote in
addition to his vote as a member. In the absence of the Chairman, the meeting may, by
simple majority, elect a deputy.
5. The Secretary or acting Secretary shall carry out the directions of the Committee
and shall attend all meetings of the Committee and be responsible for the taking of
minutes of the proceedings.
6.(a) The Treasurer shall keep proper record of all monies received and expended on
behalf of the Club. They shall, when required to do so, render to the Committee or a
general meeting an account of any monies received or expended. Any two of four [4]
nominated Committee members shall sign all cheques or payments on behalf of the club.
(b) The Treasurer shall keep a list of the names, telephone and other contact details of
the members of the club in which shall also be recorded the payment of subscriptions by
such members. [in accordance with The Data Protection Act]
7.(a) The annual subscription for members shall be such sum as the Club shall, in its
annual general meeting, determine. It is a requirement of the club that any member is
also member of the Welsh Bridge Union. Any membership fee due to the Welsh Bridge
Union must be paid at the same time as the annual subscription. The amount of table
money shall be such as shall be decided by the Committee.
(b) Any person becoming a member of the Club at least six months after the
subscription becomes due in any year shall pay half the current subscription of the
Club, plus the sum required to fulfil Welsh Bridge membership.
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(c) Any member who has not paid their subscription within one month after it has
become due shall be considered as “in arrears” and if it be not paid within one month
thereafter, they shall cease to be a member and their name shall, at the discretion of the
Committee, be erased from the list of members. Thereupon such member shall lose all the
privileges of membership.
(d) The committee shall have power to expel any member or social player who shall
offend against the rules of the Club or whose conduct shall, in the opinion of the
Committee, render them unfit for membership of the Club. Before any such member is
expelled, the Secretary shall give them seven days notice in writing to attend a meeting of
the Committee and shall inform them of the complaints made against him. No member
shall be expelled without first having an opportunity of appearing before the Committee
and answering the complaints made against them and unless at least two-thirds of the
Committee then present vote in favour of their expulsion. No member whose membership
has been terminated under this rule or who owes money to the Club shall be introduced by
any other member as a visitor to the Club.
8. A general meeting of the Club shall be held October or November every year on a
date to be fixed by the committee to transact the following business:-
(a) To receive and, if approved, to adopt a statement of the Club’s accounts to the
end of the preceding Club year.
(b) To consider and, if approved, to sanction any proposed change of the rules.
(c) To appoint officers and other members of the Committee
(d) To appoint auditors
(e) To deal with any special matter which the Committee desires to bring before the
members and to receive suggestions from the members for consideration by the
Committee. Notice convening the general meeting shall be sent to members not less than
twenty-one days before the AGM and shall specify the matters to be dealt with.
9. At least fourteen days before the date appointed for the annual general meeting
nominations for those prepared to carry out the duties of the officers and other members of
the Committee for the following twelve months shall be handed to one of the Committee.
Candidates for office shall be proposed and seconded by members who must personally
sign the sheet.
10. A special general meeting may be convened at any time by the Committee, and or
shall be convened within twenty-one days from the receipt of a requisition in writing signed
by five or more members. At least twenty-one days notice shall be given of any such
meeting specifying matters to be dealt with.
Such a meeting shall:-
(a) consider and, if approved, sanction any alterations of the rules;
(b) deal with any special matter which the Committee may desire to place before
the members;
(c) deal with any special matter which the members requisitioning the meeting may
desire to place before the Club.
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11. Social Players ( who to be eligible must be paid-up 2015-2016 Club members) will
be required to pay no membership fee to the Club nor the Welsh or, and will have no
restriction placed on the number of visit they make in their lifetime on any normal club
night (subject to conduct) . They will be required to pay a more representative true cost in
attending any special event, as designated by the Club Committee. Social Players will
have no Club membership rights but a nominated person will be able to attend Committee
meetings of the Club as an observer. All Social Players may attend the Club’s Annual
General Meeting as observers.
12. No member or visitor shall be under the age of sixteen.
13. The Committee shall have the power to make bye-laws for regulating the conduct
and affairs of the club, provided the same are not inconsistent with the rules.
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1. Any member attending the Christmas party (or any other event determined
by the Committee and attracting a subsidy), will only benefit from that
should they have played at the Club at least 12 times in the past year on
normal Club nights, unless it is agreed by the Chairman that special
dispensation should be awarded.
2. Members take precedence over social players in any club event where
places are limited
3. No annual Club subscription (including WBU membership) will be sought
from any member, who has had continuous membership for at least 10
years, in any year following their 90th birthday.
4. Visitors to the Club will be able to play six times, within one calendar
year (subject to the discretion of the treasurer), before being required to
become full members of the Club.
5. Any member whose membership has lapsed will be unable to play as a
visitor at the Club for 12 months from the date of their membership ending.
6. The committee shall have power to expel any social player who shall offend
against the rules of the Club or whose conduct shall, in the opinion of the
Committee, render them unfit to play at the Club. Before a social player is
expelled the Secretary, shall give them seven days notice in writing to
attend a meeting of the committee and shall inform them of the complaints
made against them. No social player shall be expelled without first having
an opportunity of appearing before the Committee and answering the
complaints made against them, and unless at least two-thirds of the
Committee then present vote in favour of their expulsion. Any social player
sanctioned in this way forfeits any future right to play at the Club as a
social player.
7. Social Players (who were eligible having been paid-up 2015-2016 Club
members) will be required to pay no membership fee to the Club, nor the
Welsh Bridge Union and will have no restriction placed on the number of
visits they make in their lifetime on any normal club night (subject to
conduct). They will be required to pay a more representative true cost in
attending any special event, as designated by the Club Committee.
8. Social Players may nominate one representative, whose name has been
registered with the Club Secretary, who may attend Committee Meetings
and the AGM as an observer.
9. Social Players and visitors will pay table money of £1 more than that paid
by members of the Club.
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WEDNESDAY 2             CLUB OPENS FOR 2019
MONDAY 21                   COMMITTEE MEETING



THURSDAY 18                 EASTER EGG EVENT
MONDAY 22                     CLOSED – EASTER MONDAY

MONDAY 6                        CLOSED – BANK HOLIDAY
THURSDAY 16                  CHARITY EVENT
MONDAY 27                      CLOSED – BANK HOLIDAY



MONDAY 26                      CLOSED – BANK HOLIDAY


MONDAY 21                       CLARET CUP
MONDAY 28                      ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING


THURSDAY 5                    CHRISTMAS PARTY

THURSDAY 2                    CLUB OPENS FOR 2020

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A sheet circulated during the meeting for those present to record their attendance showed that there were forty-nine members and two potential members present.
1) Apologies for Absence – Thirteen apologies had been received by the secretary before the meeting and a further three were received at the meeting.
2) Minutes of AGM 29th October 2015 – Christine Brierley proposed and Steve Dobney seconded the adoption of the minutes as recorded. Their adoption was accepted overwhelmingly.
3) Matters Arising – There were no matters arising that were not already on the agenda.
4) Chairman’s report – The chairman gave a comprehensive report. He began by saying that this year has been very eventful, particularly with the WBU notification that from 2017 onwards all members of a WBU affiliated club must themselves be individual members of the WBU and that the Committee was unanimously in favour of continuing the Club affiliation to the WBU but also recognised that mandatory affiliation for all Club members was a very contentious and divisive issue. In the event a Special General Meeting (SGM) was convened to decide the issue with all Club members being eligible to vote even if unable to attend the meeting. At that SGM the majority of the Club membership voted to continue the WBU affiliation. Existing Club members who do not wish to affiliate to the WBU as individuals can continue to play bridge as currently as social bridge players. The issue is not yet fully resolved as there is a further motion for the formation of a Wednesdays only club to be considered later in the agenda.
He continued by mentioning the sad loss of Jack Hunter and the charity event held for the benefit of The Salvation Army, Jack’s favourite charity, and went on to mention the events held for Children In Need and the McMillan Nurses and that the club had donated a total of £740 to the charities this year. He reminded members that this year’s charity event in favour of Children In Need was to be held in a week’s time with a ticket price of £4.
Other points mentioned in his report were the teams entered in the East Wales Bridge League and matches against Monmouth and the U3A, the seminars held by Peter Smith and Graham Eele, the Christmas, Easter and 40th anniversary parties and the Claret Cup competition won by Christine Brierley and Peter Cole. He also mentioned the trial of prepared hands to help members form an opinion on the purchase of a dealing machine, an agenda item later in the meeting. He further mentioned the handicapped results that appeared on the website and the committee’s intention to introduce periodic prizes for the most improved handicaps, and that prize money on club evenings would continue to be awarded on unhandicapped results.
The Chairman also stated that membership remains strong with the treasurer recording over ninety paid up members although not all were active. He anticipated a change to this situation with some members opting to become social players and encouraged members to encourage new members.
Looking to the future he pointed out that it had been a difficult year for the club with the divisions over the issue of WBU affiliation but stated that the Special General Meeting gave a way ahead and referred to the motion for a separate Wednesday club to be considered later in the agenda.
Finally he mentioned that Peter Smith was stepping down from the position of secretary after seven years of sterling service and thanked him on behalf of all the members for his efforts. He went on to say that he had been chairman for three years and felt that the Chairman’s role in particular does need to be refreshed periodically in the best interests of the Club. He said that he would continue as Chairman for a further and final year if the membership wished it.
The chairman concluded by thanking the membership generally for the support that they had given to the committee over the year with a particular thank you to those who arrive early and help set up or who stay later to help shut down.
5) Treasurer’s report – In the unavoidable absence of the treasurer the chairman thanked her and Hugh Green for their work including preparing and auditing the accounts. He went on to refer to the accounts and drew attention to the main points as follows (with figures for the preceeding year in brackets):
• Income from table money less prize monies slightly down at £4560 (£4662)
• Annual Subs income £534 for current membership of 92 (£555)
• Other income includes £250 from Newnham Bridge Club for old Bridgemates and laptop
• Nett interest of £11
Total Income of £6167
• Main expenditure was rent at £3475 (£3450)
• Charitable donations were £740 (£770)
• Christmas party Nett costs of £471 (£607)
• Summer Party actually made a small profit of £39 because of catering efficiencies
• Depreciation on Scoring equipments of £567 (£0)
• Miscellaneous expenses were £354 with lots of detail available on the supporting sheet (£130)
Total Expenditure for the year £6003
Yielding a surplus of income over expenditure for the year of £164 (£600)
Adding the surplus carried forward from last of £7044 yields:
Surplus carried forward to next year of £7208 comprising:
• Cash £5145
• Stocks of cards & wine £361
• Computer Equipment value at £1702
6) Adoption of accounts for 2015-2016 – A number of questions were asked as follows (with answers from the chairman):
Q From Colin Stocks – Do club rules require a minimum balance to be held at the bank? A No
Q From Steve Dobney – The club rules state that subscriptions are to be decided at the AGM. Was there to be a vote tonight and would they be raised? A No. The CABC membership fee remained at £6 with WBU fees paid through the CABC but kept separate, so no vote was necessary.
Q From Ray Mardon (prospective member) – Would there be any charges for social players? A No
Q From Brian Harden – Does the prize money depend on the level of rent and would it need to go down if the rent went up if that were the case? A prize money is decided on by the committee who bear in mind several things when deciding it, including reserves. No rent increases have been proposed to the club at present.
Q From Eve Walters – Are Wednesday evening club nights different to the others? A Only as far that Bridgemates are not used for scoring. It is not envisaged that any changes will occur under the new WBU affiliation requirements.
Grace Martyn then proposed and Marion Jones seconded the adoption of the accounts. They were adopted overwhelmingly.
7) Appointment of auditor – The Chairman stated that Hugh Green had indicated that he was prepared to continue in that role. Marjorie Evans proposed and Chris Ballard seconded that he be should continue. This was accepted overwhelmingly.

8) Appointment of officers and Committee members: Apart from Peter Smith who was retiring as secretary all the other officers, namely the present chairman Peter Taylor, the present treasurer – Marion Shewell and all other committee members Sue Blake, Graham Eele, John Mayo, John Whiteside, Ian Wood indicated their willingness to continue. Grace Martyn has agreed to be nominated as Committee member, replacing Carolyne Ogden who is the only nominee for Secretary. In a response to the chairman’s request for a proposer and seconder for a motion to elect those willing to continue, Carolyne as secretary and Grace as a replacement for Carolyne several members put themselves forward. The following vote was accepted overwhelmingly.
9) Motions received:
a) Wednesday Club run separately as a non-affiliated club – Proposed and seconded by Reg and Jean Edwards. Jean was invited by the chairman to speak in support of her motion. She said that Wednesday evenings was different from other club evenings and had originally been started following the demise of the Hospital Club (which had transferred funds of about £600 to CABC) and that when she joined CABC there was no mention of joining the WBU. She felt that it was only a relatively small group of members that were taking the club into the WBU and that a vote for by all members at a different stage would have given a different result. She said that the EBU operated with a mixed membership of affiliated and non affiliated members. She proposed that the Wednesday evenings should be run separately as a non-affiliated club. Jean concluded her remarks by saying that she didn’t want to be dictated to and wouldn’t accept charity so after thirty years she and Reg were not prepared to be second class members so , with regret, they resigned, finally stating that they will miss the company of the friends that they had made and wished them well for the future.
A number of statements and questions followed from the floor.
Greg Howell – There was no reason why a separate non affiliated club could not be formed.
Chairman – The club had been affiliated to the WBU for ten years.
Eve Walters – Could membership of a separate Wednesday club be ‘covered’ by CABC? – The chairman replied that a club within a club was not feasible.
Marjorie Evans – said that she was not at the SGM and needed some clarification. In response Greg Howell explained that a new Wednesday club would be completely separate from CABC.
Jenny Heathorne – Queried if rent of the centre would be different if the club changed – The chairman replied that it may be but would be subject to negotiation with the Palmer Centre for any new club.
Jean Edwards – stated that the rent was lowered when Wednesday evening club nights started – The chairman acknowledged that but pointed out that it was over twenty years ago. He added that the Palmer centre might not even be a viable proposition without CABC.
Margaret Bennett – asked about the position with insurances if a separate Wednesday club was formed – The chairman said that it would have to be separate from CABC
Marion Jones – said that she felt that we would be better together as one club.
Bridget Evans – said that although she played mostly on Mondays and Thursdays she occasional played on Wednesdays and didn’t regard those evenings as separate, but different and would be sad if they were to go.
Chairman – said that the overriding objective of the committee was to avoid a split in the club.
Colin Stocks – asked what the WBU membership was, the chairman replied £10 and added that Peter Smith had vigorously argued against the new WBU rule.
Gail Jones – pointed out that social players would have no say in the running of the club but the chairman pointed out that the proposal put to the SGM included that a representative of the social players should attend committee meetings. He added that the proposal for a dealing machine was being voted on later so that all current members could vote.
Marjorie Terrell – understood that previously the treasurer had said that Wednesday evenings operated at a loss, the chairman said that that had been previously recorded in minutes but all nights were now generally OK financially.
A vote was then taken. Three were in favour of the motion, the majority against.
A few other comments followed from the floor with Bridget Evans finally thanking Reg and Jean Edwards for all that they had done for the club. They were then applauded by the members and Jean thanked those present for the response.
b) The Committee be authorised to investigate and then purchase a dealing machine to allow the use of prepared hands at the discretion of the Director of an evening’s play-Proposed by Richard Stevenson, seconded by Stewart Anderton.
Richard was invited by the chairman to speak in support of his motion. He made a number of points including:
It was discussed at last year’s AGM
We had trialled prepared hands
Benefits included fewer ‘flat’ hands and improved games
Members would be better prepared for competitions if a machine were used
Other clubs feedback in favour was very positive
The potential cost to the club over five years would be about 25p per player each night
The vote was appropriate tonight as we had trialled prepared hands an all members had had long notice and could vote.
A number of statements and questions followed from the floor.
Nick Jones – asked if we have the expertise to use a machine, Richard (RS) replied that it was not burdensome.
Nick Jones – asked if it would be time consuming, Greg Howell responded that it should take about twenty minutes to do twenty eight boards.
Peter Cole – said that each member should decide on the benefits that they would receive and that there would be no point in voting for something that 90% of members would ignore.
Marion Jones – asked if a team would be required to use it, Greg replied that it would be similar to the way the computer was operated.
Christine Brierley – Thought that most members ‘wouldn’t want to know anything about it’, the chairman thought that even if you don’t use the available information yourself you might accept that it benefitted others.
Liz Klinkert – asked if a machine would help in rectifying misboarded hands, RS replied that it would in some instances.
Sandra Gregory – asked if special cards were required and was the cost included in the stated price. Greg replied that special cards were required but that most that were in stock were already suitable and that new ones would be no more expensive than ordinary ones.
Colin Stocks – pointed out that the anticipated cost was about £2,500 and that we have about £5,000 in reserve. He also pointed out that the motion did not include a ceiling price and that the members were therefore being asked to approve a potentially unlimited expenditure.
Marion Jones – asked where it was proposed to store it, Greg responded in our cupboards. He added on a separate note that it could be used to print the information on hands dealt for players to take away after the evening’s play.
A vote was then taken and (including votes sent to the secretary and chairman prior to the meeting) the result was twenty-eight in favour, seventeen against with seven abstentions.
Subsequently a short discussion took place on finances after members queried the possibility of spending more than the figures referred to. Greg Howell said that he and Richard Stevenson were prepared to subsidise the cost. John Mayo said that in a personal capacity he would be reluctant to agree to any substantial ‘overspend’ without discussing it with members and would give that view at committee meetings if the problem arose.
10) Any Other Business Marjorie Terrell spoke about the condition of the cloths for the tables and the boards and several present supported her views. The chairman responded that new boards were already being considered but the committee would also consider cloths as a priority.
Marion Jones thanked the chairman and committee for their efforts and applause was given.
Brian Harden asked who would now organise Wednesday evenings and was told by the chairman that Sue Blake had offered to do so for the time being.
The meeting was closed at 7.30.
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Chicago Charity Bridge Drive 2017
The Charity Bridge Drive was held on 11th September in memory of George Smith, a very long serving member of the Club, who died earlier in the year.

Funds were raised on behalf of St David’s Hospice who had cared for George and supported his wife Val and their family during his final illness.

The event raised £500 for St David’s through the sales of tickets and a raffle.

Many thanks to all those who attended the event or who donated food or raffle prizes, which ensured that the evening was very enjoyable and a great success.
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Draft Minutes of Committee Meeting 21 Jan 2019
Present; Sheila Montgomery, John Whiteside, Ray Mardon, Graham Eele, Sue Blake
and Christine Brierley

Minutes of the meetings on 19/1/18 and 22/11/18 were accepted as true record.

Treasurers Report:
The Current balance is healthy, and is £600 up over the year, though this will reduce when we pay monies to the WBU.
Table money is up, due mainly to a pleasing rise in numbers attending.
Current paid membership is down from 89 to 70, though the later is expected to rise.

New Bidding Box Cards:
SB to buy 12 sets at £11.95 for set of 4. SM and RM to improve some of the existing boxes.


Open pairs on 28/01/19; there will be a prize of £5 each for the top pair having a handicap of 0 or below. Players who do not have a handicap will be given one of -5. (it is not intended to handicap the results)

Ladies Pairs 18th March; At the previous committee meeting GE and RM agreed to be available to play to avoid anyone having to sit out. With 2 small sections there could be a large number of boards per round.

Mixed pairs 29th April; No discussion, so at present the plan is for two separate competitions, 50/50 by handicap. The results will not be handicapped. (If this resulted in a long sit out with half a table, we could just have one competition, with a trophy for the outright winners and another for the top pair in the bottom half of the handicap field.)

Men’s Pairs 18th February; Similar issues arise to those mentioned above, and were of particular concern to GE. SM and Liz Klinkard will be available to fill in. GE suggested knowing the number of pairs in advance would be helpful and RM is currently asking around. GE thought 3 tables was a minimum. RM did not mention this at the meeting but with 2 tables 3 eight board matches is an excellent format (each pair is a partner to a different pair in each match)
So far there are 3 definite entries and one probable.

Publicity; GE suggested a signing up notice on the board (when available!) RM suggested all committee members should actively encourage members to take part in the competitions.

Every pair turning up on a competition night is certain of a game of bridge, whether or not they qualify for that event. It is important to emphasise this.

Other matches; SM has not heard back from Monmouth and will chase this up. JW reported some reluctance from members of U3A. SM and RM will ask if Newport would like a social match.

GE has promised a refund to students who dropped out. GE and SM will discuss future plans before Easter.

Palmer Centre; the indoor temporary toilet was deemed acceptable.

A.O.B. ; SM to reply to e cats request to say we cannot fit in an additional charity event.
The caretakers number to be made available to Directors so he can be called 10 minutes before we leave the building.
SM and RM to conduct an audit of the clubs equipment, last done in January 2017.
Following a complaint from a member SM will find the Best Behaviour at Bridge cards and place them on the tables.
A list of WBU and Club numbers to be made available.
A list of members phone numbers tis to be held on the computer.

Next Meeting will be Monday April 8th at the Palmer Centre.

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Minutes of Committee Meeting 19 November 2018
Sheila Montgomery, John Whiteside, Ray Mardon, Sue Blake, Christine Brierley, Graham Eele.

The Minutes of the Committee Meeting on 10/09/2018 were accepted as a true record by those in attendance at the meeting.

Abbey Mill to be in at 16 45, assisted by SM and RM. 18 30 Sherry, 19 00 Food.
Kitchen use agreed. SB to wash table cloths.

TD’s to ask for donations, starting immediately, and in before Party Day.
CB and SB to collect donations, sell raffle tickets and be i/c presentation ceremony.
SM to present 4 Spot Prizes, given by the Club.

16 students, and going really well. Covering costs, more or less. Tournament on 12/12.

No Fear Tournaments on 4 Wednesdays – 9/1/19, 23/1/19, 6/2/19 and 20/2/19
Fewer boards (24?) ; break in the middle ; experienced partners for 2018 learners allowed ;
Prize(s) for best learner(s)

10/12 weeks, to be led again by GE, assisted by SM.
CB and RM will help as required, if available.

GE and SM think this is desirable, but GE only wishes to teach one course a year.
SM thinks some students might come from across the toll free bridge, if appropriate advertising took place.The course would need to be financially viable.

CB to be i/c provision of free tea, coffee – inc.decaf – hot chocolate, milk, and biscuits. Free drinks have been available, but some/many members have not been aware of this.

Minutes on notice board; archway secretary for emails; suggestion box at club; talk to a committee member.

More photos desirable, but members need to be asked for permission for themselves to appear.

4 additional competitions agreed. 1 night each, during the October to March period.

One section for this, the other for non-ladies pairs. SB give a cup/trophy.

One section for this, the other for non-mens pairs. SM to ask members re cup.

Two sections of equal numbers. Higher handicaps in one, lower handicaps in the other. All pairs to play, only mixed pairs to win. SM to ask members re cup for higher handicap competition. SM and RM to give cup/trophy for lower handicap competition.

One section, scored like teams. GE to give a cup/trophy.
For ladies, mens, and mixed pairs events, volunteer pairs will be requested to play/not play to eliminate sitting out. RM and GE to do this for ladies pairs.

Scoring when 2 sections are being played will be by computer for one section, and for the other, unless GE is convinced the computer can handle both. In the latter case RM would like travellers to be used as backup on the first occasion.

As shown under LESSONS DEVELOPMENT above.

Match v Monmouth – to be arranged. (by SM)
Match v West of England – not to be further pursued.
Match v U3A- on a Wednesday ; matched ability teams ; JW to pursue.
Match v Usk, and/or Newport-mentioned as possibile , but no-one asked to pursue these.
Possibility of entering a 3rd team in the East Wales league next year mentioned.

SM will produce the Calendar. Dates for the new Monday Competitions have yet to be agreed.

Members to bring a plate of food, and the club to provide wine and soft drinks [excluding ECATS?] SB to come in before.

To be produced by SM regularly, about once a month.

GE will liaise with Pam and be i/c.

Next one on 21st January at the Palmer Centre. (venue for future meetings)

CB to Direct when JW collecting monies. (Brian Harden has agreed to direct competitions )

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Minutes of Committee Meeting 10 Sept 2018

PRESENT : John Mayo, John Whiteside, Carolyne Ogden, Sheila Montgomery, Sue Blake, Graham Eele

APOLOGIES : Grace Martyn

1. The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 9th July were accepted as a true record by those in attendance at the meeting.

2. Treasurers Report – JW reported that the overall financial position was reasonably healthy and we should end the year with an increase in our cash holding. Although numbers have fallen off this year, the financial situation has been greatly enhanced by the abolition of prize money and the increase in table money. The rent for the Palmer Centre will be significantly increased from November. However, provided the number of attendees remains reasonably stable, then the rent increase should be largely covered by the increased table money, and JW would be hopeful that any increase in table money can be avoided in the coming year. The suggestion was made that the Annual Subscription should be increased, as this has not been done for many years. The committee will present a motion to the AGM to implement an increase of the Annual subscription of £1.50 to £17.50. This will cover the extra £1.50 paid to the EWBU which had been formerly paid for by the club. There was also general agreement that the position should be reviewed annually. Although our cash holdings will have increased this year, the assets of the club will have been reduced by about £900, due mainly to the depreciation of the Bridgemates and the Duplimate and this will be recorded in the annual accounts. JW stated that he would be unable to attend the AGM but would give a written statement to be presented to Members.

3. Palmer Centre – The agreement was signed last week with the Palmer Centre management, but as the Club are now required to pay rental, in advance, an amendment was sought and agreed relating to Bank Holidays and the Christmas period. JW will now liaise with The Palmer Centre regarding the Club’s requirements for the Christmas Party, and the next course of lessons scheduled to commence on 10th October.

4. Claret Cup – there is a notice on the board, and an email will be sent to all members this week, encouraging them to attend. The Directors of each evening should ensure that they announce the event. Table money will be charged, but everyone will be offered a glass of wine or soft drink.

5. AGM – the paperwork is all in hand and together with the relevent announcements which will be emailed, and placed on the Noticeboard in good time. CO to send an email to members asking if anyone was interested in joining the Committee to contact her. Table money will be charged, but everyone will be offered a glass of wine or soft drink.

6. Bridge Training – currently eight people have signed up for the course, this is primarily aimed at members of the Club, and will cost £18. The 10 week course is open to non-members provided they join CABC and will be Annual Membership + £18 . GE will readvertise the Course, and review with SM the minimum number required to ensure the Course is viable. SM will be attending a 2 day training course on teaching bridge Run by the EBU.

7. Christmas Party – SM confirmed that she will contact Abbey Mill to confirm all the arrangements and ensure that everything is lined up for the event.

8. AOB
1. Following the AGM CO will pass all her paperwork to SM and JM will pass the glasses to SB for storage.
2. Clarification was sought on the number of times a visitor could attend the Club before they must join. The Bye-laws state – 4 “Visitors to the Club will be able to play on six separate occasions, within one calendar year, before being required to become full members of the Club”.

9. Next meeting will be arranged by SM.

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Minutes of Committee Meeting 9th July 2018

PRESENT : John Mayo, John Whiteside, Carolyne Ogden, Sheila Montgomery,

APOLOGIES : Sue Blake, Graham Eele, Grace Martyn

1. The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 14th May were accepted as a true record by those in attendance at the meeting.

2. Treasurers Report – JW reported that there were 87 fully paid up members and that the overall financial position of the Club was healthy, helped by the abolition of the prize money and the increase in table money. JW confirmed that the cost to visitors to the Club will be £3. The Charity Evening was a success and £370 was donated to St David’s Hospice in Doreen Worrell’s memory. A letter of thanks had been received from St David’s and this was on the Club Noticeboard.

3. Summer Party – in view of the lack of support from the membership, the Committee decided to cancel the event this year. CO will notify the members by email, and it will be announced at the Club nights for the rest of the week.

4. AGM – there was a general discussion regarding the format of the evening and the documentation required. CO will present copies of the various documents required at the next meeting.

5. CAB Website Home Page – GE had circulated the updated page for the website and it was unanimously agreed that this should be uploaded to the website as soon as GE was available to do so.

6. Palmer Centre – following the meeting with Peter Farley, JM,JW & SM were happy that there was a clear understanding on the way forward.

7. Bridge Courses – the course run this year by GE & SM had been very well received, and the integration of the new players into the club had gone well. There have already been expressions of interest for another improvers course as well as a beginners course. SM & GE will liaise and develop suitable courses and present them to the Commitee for implementation in 2019.

8. WBU Masterpoints – Peter Taylor has uploaded this to Club’s system, and the Committee have authorised a trial run on a Monday evening. Following this SM will gather any feedback from those playing on the evening and prepare a paper to be presented to the membership at the AGM.

The next meeting will be on Monday 10th September at 17.45hrs
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Minutes of Committee Meeting 14th May 2018
PRESENT : John Mayo, John Whiteside, Carolyne Ogden, Graham Eele, Grace Martyn, Sue Blake, Sheila Montgomery,

IN ATTENDANCE: Jennifer Heathorn

1. The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 12th March were accepted as a true record by those in attendance at the meeting.

2. JM welcomed Jennifer to the meeting

3. JM opened the meeting by informing the Committee that due to the volume and pressure of his other committments he had changed his mind about standing down from the Committee in 2019 and decided to stand down at the AGM in October this year. He has asked SM to become Vice-Chairman and she has agreed. This was unanimously approved by the Committee

4. Treasurers Report – JW reported that the money in the Club’s accounts is standing at around the same amount as at the start of the Club year. However, due to the increase in running costs (printing, stationery, postage, events, charity donations etc) and the increase in rent that will follow the currrent Palmer Centre review it will be necessary to increase “table money”.

– Table money has been £1.50 for around ten years, and it is proposed that it be increased incrementally, starting with an increase of 50p with effect from 1st June 2018, and further increases will follow when the the Palmer Centre Review of rents and costs is completed. At the moment the cost for visitors ( of which there are very few) will remain the same, at £2.50, but this will be reviewed again when further information is available on increased charges to the Club.

– The Club has 85 members and all subs have been collected and WBU subs paid.

– Data Protection Act – as a result of the changes in the Act, everyone should delete all existing membership lists that they may be holding. There will be no membership details on general view, and the information will be available to Committee Members who need to contact the membership. When emailing members the Committee should ensure that messages are “blind copied” ( address the email to yourself, and then bcc the recipients.)

5. Palmer Centre

– The Committee agreed that we have a good deal with the Palmer Centre and that because of the changes in Club practices we are using the Centre for longer. JM has suggested that we pay and extra £10 per week, starting from 1st June as an interim good will gesture, to cover the extra time we are spending at the Centre, pending the outcome of the Palmer Centre Review. JM/JW & SM will arrange to meet with Peter Farley and his team to discuss the way forward.

– GE suggested that the Palmer Centre should implement measures to ensure that we are all operating more efficiently. Primarily, there should be a sign-in/out book so that all “tenants” log their time in and out, and report any issues, such as arriving and finding lights left on etc and report any issues.

– Peter Farley has agreed that we may have one more front door key, as the Club is unable to operate with just the one key we hold currently.

– For some unknown reason the Palmer Centre decided to contact Pete Smith when they changed the locks. There was no apparent reason why he was contacted, but the Palmer Centre’s primary contact was, and is Sue Blake, and this should be recorded at the meeting with Peter Farley.

6. Bridge Course and integration of players into the Club.

– 22 people signed up for the course (2 were already Club Members). There were 12 improvers and the rest were beginners

– There are still some outgoings to be met, but overall the course made a profit and was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by the participants

– GE & SM have produced a plan to introduce the course participants into the Club bridge evenings. There will be a series of “No-fear Club nights”, which the new members may wish to attend and these will take place on Wednesdays – 23/5, 6/6, 20/6 4/7.

SB, the Director on Wednesday evenings will explain the way the evenings will work to the existing club members. CO will also set out the details in an email to all Club members and place a poster on the noticeboard.

• Play no more than 20 or 21 boards;
• Require players not playing basic Acol to explain their system and conventional bids to the new players;
• Allow the new players to refer to their bidding notes;
• Allow the new players to consult either GE or SM (away from the table) to get advice on a bid;
• The Director on the evening should encourage players not to insist on penalties when mistakes are made such as bidding or leading out of turn or revoking.
• GE or SM to provide refreshments, if required, when the players are conveniently able to take a break during the evening

– SM and GE are keen to provide some ‘follow-on” seminars which will be held before the evenings bridge session. These will be run in the Autumn and will be a 30 minute session addressing a different topic each week. The cost to the Club will be the £3 room hire and the seminars will be open to any existing club members who would like a “refresher”. Details and dates to be presented at next Committee meeting.

7. WBU Master Points – SM outlined the details and advantages of Master Points, and the Committee were in favour of pursuing investigations as to how the Club could introduce them. The costs appear to be very reasonable and they should prove an incentive to all members. However, there does need to be more investigation into how the system is implemented and operated and SM has undertaken to investigate this, and report back at the next meeting.

8. Summer Charity Event – the numbers signing up is going well and we hope to be running 10 tables. The tickets @£6 will now be sold to those people who have already signed up. SB/GE and JM will co-ordinate the evening. PT has agreed to operate the Bridgemate on the evening.

9. The next meeting will be on Monday 9th July at 18.00hrs.

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Minutes of Committee Meeting 12 Mar 2018
PRESENT : John Mayo, Carolyne Ogden, Graham Eele, Grace Martyn, Sheila Montgomery

APOLOGIES: Sue Blake, John Whiteside

1. The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 8th January were accepted as a true record by those in attendance at the meeting.

2. Treasurers Report – JW sent a details of the current state of the accounts to the meeting, and it was agreed that the Club’s finances were in a good health. JW was still expecting a few more Membership renewals from those members who had been away but was expecting to collect those on his return. The completed membership details from the members (Data Protection requirements) were nearly all completed and returned to JW.

3. Catering – Following AT’s resignation from the Committee, SM had volunteered to assist with the Clubs catering requirements.

4. Beginners Bridge Course – 22 had signed up for the course, which has resulted in 19 new members, there has only been one dropout. The Course has been divided into two groups, complete beginners, and improvers. GE/SM would discuss with the Group on Wednesday whether the course members would like to attend the Easter Egg Event on 29th March, in which case, the Wednesday evening class would be cancelled that week. Both GE and SM have holiday committments from: (GM end of March )through to (SM the middle of April). JM offered to assist and would also ask PT whether he would be prepared to assist. SM would provide lesson plans for her two week absence. Integration of the class into the Club was also discussed. It was agreed that they would join the Club on Wednesday evenings when “No Fear” bridge would be played. JM to speak to the existing Wednesday evening players to explain what would be happening. The first two weeks, everyone would play basic ACOL or Standard American and the new players would be able to use their crib sheets. 21 boards would be played to allow extra time for each round. The situation will be reviewed at the next Committee Meeting on 14th May.

5. ECATS – the evening had been enjoyable and the Club had raised £180 for the RNLI. JM will write an article for submission by GE to the local press.

• JM’s proposal for cash prizes had not met with approval
• An offer to donate two cups/trophies to the Club had been made by SB, and HG&CO, and suggestions were made as to how these would be awarded. The Committee propose to discuss and plan this further and will announce the proposal following the next Committee Meeting.
• SM will present a detailed paper on the operation and cost of Master Points at the next Committee Meeting


• CO and SM will undertake the Catering
• JW and JM will organise the drinks and glasses
• JM will direct the evening
• CO will publicise the event to the members and co-ordinate the sign-up
• CO to purchase all the necessary Easter Eggs

8. SUMMER CHARITY EVENT – Thursday 31 May – JM has undertaken to contact Doreen Worrall’s family to see if they wished to nominate a Charity to be the recipient of the funds raised at this event. JM to report back in good time so that the necessary promotion of the event could be put in place.

9. WEBSITE – GE requested that the Home Page be revised and made more interesting. JM will provide historical information to GE and he will revise the content.

10. DIRECTOR TRAINING COURSE – due the adverse whether conditions, the course was cancelled and rescheduled for the weekend 16th March. Unfortunately due to the change of date SM will not be able to attend. JM suggested that SA should be approached to see whether he would like to take SM’s place.

11. AOB – there was no time for discussion. Any items which need to be discussed should be submitted to CO for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting.

12. The next meeting will be on Monday 14th May – start time to be announced dependent on length of Agenda

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Minutes of Committee Meeting Monday 8th January 2018

PRESENT : John Mayo, John Whiteside, Carolyne Ogden, Graham Eele, Grace Martyn, Sue Blake, Alethea Tonner

APOLOGIES: Sheila Montgomery,

1. The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 6th November were accepted as a true record by those in attendance at the meeting.

2. Treasurers Report

a. The total cost of the Christmas party to the Club was £596. It was agreed that for the next Christmas party the member’s contribution would need to be raised (to at least £10 dependent on the caterer’s charges).
b. Attendance numbers are down, with some night’s table monies barely covering the rent of the room, if at all. In an attempt to forestall a potential increase in table money it was agreed that the prize money, in its current form, paid at the end of the evening, should be abolished. This was in line with the vote that took place at the AGM. (item 9 “There was a suggestion from the floor, that prize money was abolished, and a show of hands following the suggestion resulted in a majority of members willing to abolish the table money.”) This will come into effect at the end of January. In its place the Committee members are working to implement a new periodic set of prizes. (JM to lead discussion with Committee on the format and frequency of these prizes, by email and agree implementation with JW and GE). This will be communicated to the club by email, and will be placed on the noticeboard, and an announcement will be made by each evening’s director, at the end of January If the Palmer Centre does increase the rent this will necessarily result in a need to review the table money.
c. Membership – the subscriptions are continuing to come in and JW should have the final numbers (with a few exceptions) by the end of the month. JW will then produce a new membership list.
d. GE raised the issue of changes in the General Data Protection Regulation, which will come into force in May 2018 as a result of EU legislation (and will most likely be enshrined in UK legislation following Brexit.). JW and CO had already been in discussion about this as we need to have our members’ express permission to communicate with them in future. JW will communicate with WBU to find out what they are advising/proposing to do and what we as a club are obliged to do.

3. Catering – SB spoke about comments she had received about the Christmas party which were discussed by the Committee. AT has taken over the organisation of catering and will be reviewing the catering for the Christmas party on 6/12/18 and reporting back to the Committee.

4. Beginners Bridge Course – GE reported that five people had signed up so far, (GM asked for details of the course for a member of her family who wished to sign up). Posters have been put up at local venues, other groups had been informed and details were placed on U3A website. More people will need to sign up to make the course viable. It was agreed that if there is a small shortfall in the required break-even number then the Club would subsidise the Course. It is possible that if GE follows the WBU training course that they will reduce the WBU annual fee by £5 for each trainee, and the Committee were in favour of this proposal. GE said that there will also need to be support from the Committee, to assist in the running of the course and he will let the Committee know how many and what is required nearer the time.

5. GE suggested that generally we should advertise the club more and suggested various publications to target. He suggested that someone should take responsibility for this role, and following discussion may know someone willing to do this for the Club. He will report back at the next meeting.

6. Bridge Evenings – It was confirmed that JW will direct on a Monday evening with PT on the computer. SB will direct on a Wednesday evening with GE on the computer (this is our weakest evening in terms of back-up for both directing and operating the computer). JM will direct on Thursday evening with GM on computer. In addition to this Brian Harden, Greg Howell, Sheila Montgomery and Stewart Anderton are very willing to help out. JM will sound out members of the club to see if there are any other people who would be interested in supporting the running of Club evenings and arranging for anyone who would like to learn to operate the Bridgemates. JM will be issuing another rota for the dealing machine before the end of the month.

7. ECATS Charity Challenge Sims – March 8th – GE is happy to liaise with ECATS in acquiring the files and setting up. A poster for the event is on the Notice Board and Directors will announce the event on Club nights nearer the time.

8. Masterpoints – carried forward SM.

9. Boards – the playing cards in some of the boards are becoming very grubby. The Director for each evening to make a note of boards where cards need to be changed. There are plenty of packs in the computer cupboard so change the relevent boards at the end of the evening .

10. AOB

a. JM will speak to Greg and thank him for his offer (at the AGM) to purchase another set of Boards for the club, but decline, as we do not need them at this time.
b. Summer Charity Event – this year the Charity Event will be held on Thursday 31 May. Committee to consider which Charity should be supported and possibly sound out members views
c. 90+ SB to speak to MS regarding qualifying candidates (bye-laws No.3)
d. Palmer Centre AGM – SB will raise the issue of the heating being left on longer in the evenings as the temperature in the hall drops very rapidly and members have been complaining about the chill.

The next meeting will be on Monday 12th March at 18.00hrs.
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Handicap Scoring
At the last 2 Club AGMs some interest has been expressed in scoring Club evenings using individual handicaps.
The ScoreBridge system does allow the creation of historic handicap files which can then be applied to the raw scores generated for the evening. These handicap files can be created using any number of selected previously scored events and can be applied on either an individual or a pair basis. The handicap is normally for an individual, and the average of two individuals’ handicaps is applied to a Pairs result. If an individual does not have a handicap, his / hers is taken as zero. An average of 52% in previously scored games gives a handicap of 2%. Different weightings can be applied to the handicaps.
If Player A has an average score of 52% in previous events and Player B 54% their combined handicap when they play together would be 3%. With a weighting of 1 that pair would have 3% deducted from their score when the rankings for the evening are generated.
A handicaps file has been created using all the results scored with new scoring system in 2015.
On occasion results generated using the handicaps will be displayed on the Club website after the results generated without using handicaps.
For the time being at least prize money will continue to be awarded on the results generated WITHOUT using the handicaps.
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Forty six members attended. Peter Taylor, Peter Smith , Sue Blake, Carolyne Ogden, Marion Shewell, Graham Eele, John Whiteside, John Mayo, Liz Klinkert, Gail Jones, Peter Cole, Christine Brierley, Tony Vickers, Rosemary Allen, Marjorie Tyrell, Patricia Davies, Doreen Griffiths, Glad Williams, Jenny Vickers, Jean Edwards, Steve Dobney, Helen Street, Brian Harden, Marilyn Bond, Mary Shapland, Eve Walters, Rosemary Seymour-Williams, Viola Stephens, Daphne Bird, Peter Baumgardt, Elaine Gardener, Stuart Anderton, Chris Ballard, Eddie Belcher, Sandra Gregory, Kath Fallon, Margaret Anstey, Grace Martyn, John Martyn, Brandon Waters, Pat Waters, Bridget Evans, Bill Champion, Sue Burrows, Barbara Lenthell, Ian Wood.
Twelve members were unable to attend and sent apologies. Tony Waters, Sheila Bateman, Marina Hunter, Nick Jones, Marion Jones, Greg Howell, Richard Stevenson, Angela King, Mary Kennedy, Hugh Green, Morris Arthur, Liz Thompson.

Peter Taylor (PT), the club’s Chairman, welcomed those present at the meeting which had been called to determine how the club would deal with the WBU’s requirement that in future all members of affiliated clubs should be members of the WBU and pay the annual subscription. He stated that the club’s rules made provision for calling a special general meeting and that the committee had called the meeting as the issue was clearly divisive and needed to be addressed urgently. Because of the importance of the decision required allied to the fact that the meeting had been called in the ‘holiday season’ the committee had considered that members unable to attend should also be consulted and given the opportunity to vote in absentia.
PT went on to say that the club is affiliated to the WBU and had been for ten years and gave a number of examples of benefits arising from that membership, both for the club & for the game of bridge. He also mentioned the prospect of assistance in funding equipment for the club.
PT continued that there were two proposals to be considered at the SGM, one unanimously endorsed by the club committee for continuing affiliation to the WBU with provision for current members who do not wish to become WBU members to be able to continue playing at the club as social players. The club secretary, Peter Smith (PS) would be summarising this proposal when PT had finished his remarks. The second proposal put forward by Stewart Anderton (SA) and supported by Tony Vickers was to split the club into two separate but linked clubs. SA was to summarise his proposals after PS had spoken.
PT stated that as far as practicable all members had been made aware of both proposals and asked for their views and that because of this it was not possible to consider further proposals at the SGM. A third proposal (for the formation of a ‘Wednesdays only’ club) had been put forward on Friday 19th August but could not be considered due to lack of time for consultation, but nothing prevents such a proposal being put at the AGM in October. Notwithstanding that, one of the two proposals before the SGM needed to be approved at the SGM. As the two proposals tabled were contradictory it was not possible to vote in favour of both but voting against both was possible. Because of the prior consultation amendments at the SGM were not possible.
After PT had concluded his presentation a number of points came from the floor of the meeting.
Gail Jones asked why there were only male committee members at the table with the Chairman. PT explained that there was no underlying reason for this and some of the female committee members gave their views.
Jean Edwards (JE) said that she had not seen all the papers circulating prior to the meeting. PT explained that all members not using e mail had been contacted by a member of the committee so that they were not disadvantaged and that he had spoken to Reg Edwards. Jenny Vickers mentioned that Sheila Bateman had not received the second proposal but PS said that he had had a conversation with her during which she expressed her support for the committee and that she was for the committee’s proposal.
PS then outlined the proposal that had been endorsed by the committee, but first said that the committee were fully aware that some members were against joining the WBU, but that the proposal would enable such players to continue playing. He went on to look at each point in turn mentioning also the rising membership of the club and the relatively inexpensive costs of playing at CABC when compared to other clubs. He drew attention to the fact that the proposal gave the opportunity for social players to have a voice in the future running of the club and that social players could put themselves forward as the contact. He drew attention to the fact that only existing club members could qualify as social players and those wishing to become social players should inform the secretary by 30th November 2016.
PS said that there had been a fair amount of response to the proposal and that the committee would bear in mind comments received. He took the opportunity to mention that he and other long standing members of the committee would be standing down in the near future and thanked several non-committee members for their help in the running of the club.
After PS had finished his presentation further points came from the floor.
Gail Jones said that if the proposal for social members had included a payment of £2 table money she would have supported the committee’s motion but would not support it as it stood.
Jean Edwards mentioned the possibility of a Wednesday’s only club.
Steve Dobney (SD) then raised a number of points. He began by referring to proposed social members but PT interjected to stress that they would be social players and not members of the club. SD queried the inability of social players to comment on the expenditure of club funds. SD also asked about representation at the WBU to which PT responded that all WBU members can have an input to WBU decisions and the WBU were actively looking for members that would help in the running etc of the WBU. PS also stated that there were four regions within the WBU and that CABC were invited to contribute to our region (EWBA) in various ways.
Bridget Evans gave her opinion of the benefits of the WBU and said that she considered £10 was cheap for the benefits membership gave her.
PT then outlined some of the benefits of the WBU and Marion Shewell (MS) mentioned that the WBU encouraged bridge to be introduced to primary schools. PS added that bridge in schools was believed to raise the standard of schoolwork. PS went on to say that he used WBU information for training sessions. MS added that the WBU provided advice on dealing with behavior problems in clubs.
Stewart Anderton (SA) then gave a presentation of his proposal, first giving his reasons for providing the alternative including his views on the WBU’s requirements and it’s website. He outlined his proposal to have two separate but closely linked clubs and the relationship between them. The new club (CAWBC) would be formed at the CABC AGM. It would be affiliated to the WBU with all members also being members of the WBU and CABC (and pay CABC fees accordingly). CAWBC would have no membership fees. CAWBC would have a secretary. The rules of the CABC would be amended to require that the Chairman is a member of the WBU. The CABC committee would administer all aspects of CAWBC with the exception of competition/league administration and WBU liaison. New CABC members would be encouraged to join CAWBC. CABC members attending club training events would be WBU members. Any changes to CABC rules/constitution would be handled in the usual fashion by the committee/AGM.
SA concluded by outlining the pros and cons of his proposal. Pros being clarity for the future; minimal change for club members; protection for CABC members against future WBU fee increase; a means of satisfying WBU that CAWBU comply with their requirements. Cons were that the proposal may not satisfy WBU requirements; CAWBC members will no longer be playing under the name of CABC; CABC rules/constitution would need to be revised; CAWBC rules and constitution would need to be drawn up; extra administration.
Marilyn Bond asked SA what would happen to club assets to which SA replied that they would stay with CABC.
Other points then came from the floor.
Chris Ballard asked why costs accruing from WBU membership could not be met from increased table money but PT pointed out that it was too late for new proposals to be considered but they could be considered at the AGM if presented in time.
Grace Martyn raised various issues about how SA’s proposal would deal with specific requirements of the WBU. SA replied that he considered such issues would be dealt with by ‘fine tuning’ the proposals. PT pointed out that there were items in both proposals that would need ‘fine tuning’.
Jean Edwards thought that more discussion was needed but PT said considerations beyond the two proposals could not be discussed as notice had not been given.
Brandon Waters congratulated the committee on their hard work, said that standards in the club were rising and appealed to the meeting to support the committee.
PT then asked for votes in favour of the first (committee endorsed) proposal. Including votes cast before the meeting 57 were in favour out of a total of 90 club members. PT stated that under the club constitution only a simple majority was required, so the committee proposal was accepted. PT then put it to SA that there should be no vote on his proposal for reasons given at the start of the meeting and SA agreed.
PT once again said that any member can propose anything at the AGM providing the club rules and constitution were complied with and stressed that the committee were there to listen to the members.
Brian Harden thanked the committee for their efforts and the meeting was closed by the Chairman.
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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 29th October 2015
Apologies for absence:Rosemary Allen, Sue Blake, Margaret Anstey, Nick and Marion Jones, Jack and Marina Hunter, Mary Shapland, Harry and Helen Street, Bridget Evans, Marilyn Bond, Graham Eele, Hugh Green, Barbara Lenthall, John Martyn, Rosemary Seymour-Millington, Margaret Bennett, George Smith, Chris Gosling, Peggy Sadler, Glad Williams
Minutes of AGM 23rd October 2014: Agreed
Matters Arising: Peter advised that the system of finding partners hadn’t been successful and we had reverted to Pat and Brandon being the points of contact. Ian said he was very grateful to them for this service and it was much appreciated by all present.
Chairman’s Report: Peter advised that it had been a very good year for the Club. The number of members had increased to 90 as a result of the classes held last Autumn. We had been able to purchase a new set of Bridgemates and disposed of the old ones to Newnham Bridge Club. We had a series of charity events via which £770 was raised, principally for Children in Need. Both the Summer and Xmas parties ran well and the recent practice of light refreshments provided by the Club seemed to work better. Rosemary and Christine were retiring from the Committee after many years service and the meeting acknowledged their contribution to the running of the Club. Peter advised that the Club’s 40th Anniversary would fall on 23rd September 2016 and we will be considering how this should best be celebrated.
Treasurer’s report: Marion circulated the audited accounts and stated that they now showed a greater breakdown of the miscellaneous expenses. The Club was in a healthy financial state, even after the purchase of the new bridgemates, so she was proposing no change to table money or annual subs at this stage. She advised that the Club had made a loss (considering rent and prize money) on 11 occasions in the last 12 months – 10 on a Wednesday night, and 1 on a Thursday. In response to a question from Stewart, Marion advised that the new bridgemates would depreciate in value by 25% per annum. The motion to adopt the accounts was proposed by Grace and seconded by Carolyne. All agreed
Appointment of auditor for 2015/2016 Hugh Green was prepared to continue in this role and all agreed.
Appointment of Officers: The existing members – Peter Taylor, Marion Shewell, Peter Smith, Graham Eele, John Whiteside, Sue Blake were willing to continue. Nominations were received on behalf of Carolyne Ogden, John Mayo, and Ian Wood to replace Rosemary Allen and Christine Brierley, who were retiring. Steve suggested that as we had 3 willing offers of help we should appoint all 3. This was agreed unanimously.
Possible purchase of a Dealing Machine: Peter said that he had been asked by a number of members about purchasing a dealing machine. The cost would be in the region of £2500. There were offers that we could have one for 12 months and return at the end of the period with a full refund. He had spoken to a number of Clubs who all thought it benefited those at all levels of play who were keen to improve their results. John asked about a cheaper model, the Handy Dup device, but Peter advised that, when more details were given, it would be not a practical option.
Greg was aware of a company who would defer payments over 2 years, this could be considered to reduce the impact on any year’s balance sheet.
The meeting were content that the Committee investigate further – options of individual contributions by some members to reduce the outlay of the Club funds will be considered. Marjorie Tyrrell raised whether dealing of the hands by those who came early wasnt good enough to get random hands, but it was felt the computer hands were more challenging as had more varied distribution, and provided hand records. The Committee was asked by Gail to advise all members of progress in this matter.
Motions to the AGM:
Pat said that she thought that the Committee should arrange more social and other functions on Mondays and Wednesdays, when Thursday seemed to be the normal night. The meeting concurred and Peter advised that the Committee would bear this in mind when scheduling events.
Any Other Business:
1) Chris Ballard suggested we have more team events, and Ian asked about entering a third team in the East Wales league. Peter agreed that it did seem that team events were popular – the Summer party was a success and the Committee will look at this. Pete advised that he had little response to a request in the summer to participate and run a 3rd team but was willing to help set a team up if the demand could be proven.
2) The issue of handicapped scoring and results was raised by Sue Blake. Peter reminded the meeting that this had been discussed at the last 2 AGMs. Pete said he was in favour as it would give a better distribution of the prize money, but the meeting was divided as to the merits. Peter said he would investigate it further and will be discussed at Committee. To have meaningful handicaps however, all results should count, and with no results input for Wednesday nights, this was an issue.
3) Christine was presented with 2 bottles of wine for her committee service, Marion will give 2 bottles to Rosemary for the same reason, when she returns from holiday.
The meeting closed at 7.10 pm with 35 members present.
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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 23rd October 2014
Note these draft minutes have been updated following concerns raised by attendees. The minutes remain at draft status until approved at the next AGM
Apologies for absence:Rosemary Allen, John Mayo, Sue Blake, John Whiteside, Gail Jones, Pat and Brandon Waters, Margaret Anstey, Stewart Anderton , Nick and Marion Jones, Jack and Marina Hunter, Sheila Bateman, Meredith Reynolds, Margaret Bennett, Val and George Smith, Tony Waters, Mary Shapland.
Minutes of AGM 17th 2013:Agreed
Matters Arising
Pete Smith reported in relation to the last item that beginners’ classes had begun and attendance was good. Steve Dobney queried whether there had been any progress on handicap scoring. The Chair said that there had been none as a consequence of the feelings expressed at the last AGM, but could be implemented if there was now a wish to do so. There was no support expressed for this introduction from other members.
Chairman’s Report:
Peter Taylor welcomed Herbie Rowley, President of the WBU, and member of the Archway Club to the meeting. He said that his first year as Chairman had a mixture of achievements and disappointments, with the former outweighing the latter. He was grateful for the support of other members of the Committee and gave commendation to Grace for her progress on using the computer scoring system. He knew the profile of the Club was increasing and he was particularly pleased we were able to enter a second team in the East Wales League.
He raised a particular area of concern – misboarding, which happened quite frequently, and the problems (scoring/incomplete results) that follow from that. This seems to be most common when the board in play is removed from the table. It was agreed that the board in play could be moved to the side of the table but the orientation should never be altered.
For the future, there would be expenditure on a new computer and Bridgemate system, and the Committee would need to decide when such an outlay was necessary.
Treasurer’s report:
Marion Shewell advised the accounts were healthy and circulated a copy of the audited accounts. There were currently 74 members. There was currently £6194 in the building society account, but advised that the rent had increased and other costs were in the pipeline. She was not recommending any changes to annual subscriptions or table money. The Club had made a financial loss on 12 nights during the last 12 months – 2 on a Monday, 8 on a Wednesday, 2 on a Thursday.
She advised that due to personal circumstances, William Bebbington had to withdraw from the Auditor role but she was grateful that Hugh Green had volunteered to stand in. The adoption of the accounts was agreed, proposed by Caroline, seconded by John Martyn
Appointment of auditor for 2014/2015 It was proposed by Bridget, and seconded by Marilyn that Hugh Green should be appointed. All agreed.
Appointment of Officers:
The existing Committee was voted in en bloc, there being no other nominations and all being willing to continue.
Motions to the AGM:
None received.
Any Other Business:
1) It was concluded that every effort needed to be made to publicise events, co-ordinating with other parties, and where cancelled to make sure this was conveyed fully, with notices on the Club board. The Secretary said he had over 40 members on group E mail, and asked anyone to let him know theirs if he didn’t already have it.
2) An interest was raised by Ian and Greg about the Club investing in a dealing machine, the cost of which would be £3000+. Both thought it would help beginners and the more serious players. Bridget thought that replacing the computer and Bridgemates was a higher priority. The Chairman agreed that it would be added as an agenda item on the next Committee meeting.
3) There was discussion how those students from the beginners classes would best be integrated into the club when the Course finished. Herbie advised of his experience at his and other clubs in Wales who had similar issues. He found that pairing beginners up with more experienced players worked well, as well as making nights more of a social occasion with refreshment breaks.
The Chairman agreed that this was important, which relied on the co-operation of existing members and is to be considered at the next Committee.
4) There was a discussion around a better way of matching players looking for a game while their regular partner was away or unwell. Clearly using the Website had not worked. Jenny suggested putting a notice/rolling programme on the Club notice board where individuals could indicate the nights they were looking for a partner and this will be raised at the next Committee meeting.
The meeting closed at 7.05 pm with 29 members present.
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Looking for a playing partner
Brandon and Pat have very generously agreed to continue to act as the focal point for people looking for a playing partnerr when their normal partner is unavailable or indisposed for any reason.
They can be contacted on 01633 272638
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Claret Cup 2018

This year’s competition took place on Monday on Monday 24th September. Disappointingly, the turnout was lower than on previous years, but, the competition was good and the evening was enjoyed by all participants.

The joint winners for 2018 were: Greg Howell & Richard Stevenson and Christine Brierley & Peter Cole

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